I am currently travelling running this session across New Zealand in 2023.  I would love to see you there.

A Journey to Connect

How connected do you feel in your life right now?

How do you:

  • Build a connected community around yourself personally and professionally in today’s ever-changing world?
  • Continue to maximise your personal and business relationships?
  • Form new relationships or conversations and actually feel your energy increase in the present moment?

In this workshop we tackle these questions and so much more. Jamie will take you on a personal journey to evolve connection in your life. You will come away with fresh insights into connection and community. His goal for you is to take these insights with a tool box of simple practical steps to collectively evolve connection in your life.


Designed for the professional who knows that they work at their best surrounded by others who are also optimising toward their desired future.  Success breeds success.  We work with people who are on the move, just about to move, and many who have never stopped moving.

We enable environments that nurture the collective human experience and transform the way we achieve success together.  When we gather in this way it creates a unique environment where each individual receives so much more than they can ever give.

There is no rocket science involved here.  This hearty recipe has been baked many times.  By harnessing our attention, using the power of connection and with the wisdom of the crowd, great things happen and keep happening.  It is about optimally orientating yourself, with a supportive crew around you – towards building the new.  For those of you who resonate, lets connect.

One to One


I support people to build new connections to their true selves. By building deeper connections we can look beyond people’s limitations and imperfections, our own included, and encourage each other to do great things. So what brings me joy is giving people the freedom to be themselves.

Most professional engagements never get a chance for real connection to thrive.  It is usually two (or more) overthinking minds at work, effectively taking the space away from one another.

In 2017 I approached professional connection in an entirely new way.  I went from overthinking everything to trusting my intuition to guide the conversation.  What happened and keeps happening is hard to describe, so I won’t confuse you here.

I act as a facilitator to support you to experience the power of real connection. I do this by creating the ideal environment (I call these relationship environments) and asking the right questions so that the real you can turn up. When we are truly ourselves we can do our best work, add the most value and most importantly connect.

Let’s do some great work together!!!


Connect with Jamie below to chat on WhatsApp. Alternatively email or give him a call.